The Federal Government has announced the COVID disaster payment, that provides support for workers unable to earn income due to a public health order, will be wound back as States and Territories achieve vaccination targets.

According to the agreed National Plan, once 70% of the eligible population (16 years and older) of a State or Territory is fully vaccinated, the automatic renewal of the disaster payment will cease.  Individuals will need to reapply each week thereafter to confirm their eligibility.

Further, when a State or Territory reaches full vaccination of 80% of it’s eligible population, the temporary payment will step down over a two-week period, from $450 per week to $320 per week, before the payment ceases entirely.

Once the COVID disaster payment has ended, the social security system will support those workers who have not already returned to the workforce.

For further information regarding the pending changes to the disaster payment please refer to our website or contact our office.